Cloudlinux OS is a Linux distribution designed for shared hosting providers which isolates each shared hosting account to a separate virtualized environment with its own server resources (CPU, memory, I/O, etc) limits. Cloudlinux also cages each account, so infected websites will not be able to harm other websites on your server.

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By using our CloudLinux license, you will benefit from the following features:

  • Official Updates from the Menufecturer
  • 100% Easy to use, Stable and Secured!
  • No Loss of Performance (Guaranteed)
  • 24x7 Technical Support by cPanelCentral
  • Free Instant IP Changes from Client Area
  • Ability to Replace with Original License
  • Needs to install our script to activate the license
  • It's not cracked license, it's shared CloudLinux license


  • You should not contact CLN support directly. You can send technical requests to our 24x7 support instead.

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You can uninstall it whenever you want with a simple command.